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Steve Gilmour

CEO, Founder

Mike Heatfield

IT Specialist

George Page

IT Specialist

“Cloud computing is a great euphemism for centralization of computer services under one server.”

– Evengwnvy Morozov

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Knowledge Management/ Content Management Systems

Knowledge and content management can play significant role in the protection and development of skills within a large organization. For example, by ensuring that critical knowledge gained from on-the-job experience is retained even when experienced people leave; or by providing the right environment for staff to find and acquire the knowledge they need to work effectively as a team.

Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) can solve many different problems and bring about many benefits to every business and industry, such as – accelerated learning, improved performance, reduced risk, collaboration & sharing which could result in better decision making and the ability to react swiftly and effectively to the everchanging business landscape.

A central knowledge repository provides necessary insights across the organizations business units to predict and exploit industry trends, builds capability to better understand and service the most valuable customers to efficiently and effectively deliver new products and services.