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Science Technology Engineering, Arts & Math – STEAM is a Top Priority for the Educators Today. Recently, 21st Century Skills, Design Thinking, Digital Technologies, Maker Spaces, Tinkering Labs. and Experiential Learning have also acquired significant attention of Global Educator Community. Who can you partner with for all these? Is there a Company that Offers an Integrated End to End Offerings to Educators?

Here comes the Solution in form of

-ARM bedded Electronics Pvt Ltd, India
Innovation | Creativity | Learning

ARMbedded Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India is an Educational Technology Company focused on leveraging Technology in Education, which will act as Enabler for Students to Learn and Innovate in the field of STEAM, Robotics, loT & Artificial Intelligence(A1).

Learn | Educate | Grow

Our mission at ARMbedded Elctronics Pvt. Ltd. is to embed curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds and inculcate innovative skills sets such as design mind set, computationS1 thinking, adaptive learning, and physical computing.

Explore | Program | Experiment

AT ARMbedded Electronics Pvt. Ltd. we give a platform to our students so they can explore the real-life challenges and try to solve them using 21st century Key Skills like Critical thinking, Logical Reasoning, Programming, Design Thin king approach, etc.

  • All Terrain Rover Robot
  • Steering Car Robot
  • Super Bike Robot
  • Dump Truck Robot
  • Robotic Hand
  • Hexapod Robot
  • Robo Tank
  • Robo Soccer
  • Pick & Place Robot
  • Robotic Crane
  • Automatic Waiter System
  • Robo Socker
  • Robotic Arm
  • Water Pouring Robots
  • Crusher
  • Speedster
  • Tractor
  • Bird
  • Catering Trolley
  • Chopper
  • Tank
  • Sweeping Robot
  • Steering Car
  • Garbage Dumper Truck
  • Hitting BOT
  • Excavator
  • Stair climbing Robot
  • Remote controlled Bike
  • Walker
  • Water Lifting Robot
  • Floating Robot and many more…
  • Edge avoiding Robot
  • Line follower Robot
  • RE based 100 Meter controlled wireless Robot
  • Mobile keypad based wireless Robot
  • Mobile Bluetooth based wireless Robot
  • Light controlled Robot
  • Android Application based wireless Robot
  • Switch based Robot
  • Pick & Place Robotic Arm
  • Sound Controlled Robot
  • ROBO Racing
  • ROBO Soccer
  • ROBO War
  • Ultrasonic sensor based distance object avoiding Robot and many more….
  • Switch Controlled Lamp/ LED / FAN
  • Magnet Control Lamp / LED / FAN
  • AND / OR / NOT Gates
  • Flying Fan
  • Touch Switch Waste Radio
  • FM Radio
  • Slow Flash Lamp
  • Sound of Budha Laugh
  • Switch Control Flying Saucer
  • Magnet Control Acousto
  • Unidirectional Connectivity of LED
  • Deep Break Alarm System
  • Series/ Parallel Connection of Lamp LED Fan / Motor
  • Hand Control Lamp/ Fan / LED Motor
  • Sound of Machine Gun / Ambulance/ Fire Engine / Petrol Wagon
  • Gravity Switch Controlled Lamp / Fan/ LED/ Motor/ Sound Control Music Buzzer
  • Light Control Audio Visual Sound and many more…
  • LED Blinking / Music Rhythm
  • Fire Alarm
  • Rain Alarm
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Traffic Light System
  • Digital Letter Box
  • Home Automation by Clap Technology
  • Home Automation by RF Technology
  • Home Automation by Mobile Technology
  • Home Automation by Voice Technology
  • Home Automation by TV Remote
  • RFID Based Security System /
  • RFID Based Attendance System
  • Automatic Car Parking System
  • Password Security System
  • Railway Tracking System
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Based Distance Object Avoiding System
  • Automatic Door Opener System
  • Digital Distance Measurement System
  • Radar System
  • Biometric System and many more…

Robomaxx Physics Level

  • Voltage Law of Series
  • Voltage Law of Parallel
  • Current Formation of Conditions Directions
  • Effect of Switch
  • Relationship Between Conductor Resistance & Length
  • Sliding Variastor
  • Working Principle of Relay
  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Relay Bell Connection
  • Homemade Micro Motor
  • DC Motor Model
  • DC Generator Model
  • High Temperature Bell Alarm
  • Front & Rear Door Call Display Alarm
  • The Effect of Current Magnitude on the speed of DC Motor
  • The Role of Magnetic field on the energized conductor
  • Effect of Electromagnetic field
  • Composition of electromagnetic
  • Thermal Effect of Current
  • Thermal Effect of 10 phase Current and many more…
  • To gain knowledge and skills related to 3D printing technologies.
  • To learn the selection of material, equipment and development of a product for Industry environment.
  • To understand the various software tools, process and techniques for digital manufacturing.
  • To apply these techniques into various applications.
  • Overview
  • Material & Tools
  • Power Sources
  • Construction Technique
  • Radio Control of Model

Robomaxx 3D Coding

  • Learn coding based on Block Coding (GUI). Open Source Arduino, Raspberry Platform that helps students to develop Computational Thinking &Creativity by designing Games, developing apps and Programming.
  • Neural Networks
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • language Processing
  • robotics.

Why Setting Robotics Lab in Schools?

Technology has become a very important one in all of our lives and nobody is teaching how to make use of it in a better way. Even the technical graduation programs in the country doesn’t introduce new technologies.

The ROBOTICS/STEM lab is all about learning new technologies and apply them to solve real life problems.

The teaching methodologies in schools and colleges in the country is nothing but the audio version of textbooks. Tinkering is about hands on experience, learning from failures, and unstructured time to explore and invent and through the processes of exploration and invention lies the potential for innovation. The ROBOTICS/STEM lab is all about tinkering and innovating ideas.

We believe that our schools should act as a filtering system so that the children can choose their path of interest and follow further. Our school system is not at all focusing on teaching technology but we expect our children to become engineers of tomorrow. The ROBOTICS/STEM lab can inspire children towards technology and prepare them for the 4th industrial revolution (Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence.).

  • ATAL Tinkering Lab (ATAL) Setup / Services
  • Exhibitions/ Events& Competitions
  • Summer/ Winter Camp.
  • Robotics Marathon
  • Educators Training Program.

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Akshya Nagar 1st Block 1st Cross,
Rammurthy nagar,

Email : ramesh@digitalblackboard.in
Phone : +91 9769335814